Celebrations are always fun and exciting for kids as they like to party and play around. The fun also sets their mood and makes them participate in such events as well. We try to create fun vibes for our lovely kids by organizing various Celebrations at DPS School. It gives them exposure along with the fun while being with their friends. 

Birthdays & Festivals Celebrations 

From birthday celebrations to festival programs, we organize different events for different days. Celebrating different festivals teaches them the meaning, motive and importance of these festivals along with showing mutual respect and love for different religions. 

Offering Cultural Experiences 

Organizing various events and festival programs is a perfect way of teaching moral values and the importance of respecting other's values as well. We try to a complete cultural experience to these young ones along with having a great time.


Independence day is one of the most important days to celebrate for us and we genuinely believe that inculcating the spirit of patriotism in little hearts makes them responsible towards their country. 

Hence, on Independence day, tri-colors fill the air at DPS Junior with the majestic unfurling of the flag. Our little ones sing patriotic songs, recite slogans and learn the significance of this day.

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Telling the importance of nature to kids from a tender age is highly essential. We encourage our little ones to take care of nature and know its importance. In order to make a world of green dreams, we motivate kids to sow seeds, plant saplings and water them religiously.

We celebrate Earth Day at DPS Junior with full enthusiasm and attention. This helps them to become a conscious citizen who understands the value of nature from a young age. 

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The beautiful festival of Ganesh Chaturthi honors the birth of the beloved Lord Ganesha. On this auspicious day, we gather students to invoke the pure blessings of Lord Ganesha by organizing a special pooja. They also perform dances on devotional songs and learn everything about this ten-day festival. 

A special moment is when our teachers distribute sweets to our little ones and display unmatchable smiles after holding laddoos and modaks in their tiny hands. 

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Birthdays are very special and exciting for young ones and we aim to make it more special for them. The Birthday Celebration of our children has always been the most delightful occasion for us. We ensure to make their special day memorable.

All the kids on their special day are blessed by their beloved teachers. They put their birthday hats and enjoy the cake cutting ceremony. Our children will love to cherish these memories even after they step into their formal schools.

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Janmashtami, the birthday of Lord Krishna is celebrated with complete devotion and enthusiasm at DPS Junior. We put all our efforts to turn our school into Vrindavan and experience the Leela of Lord Krishna. Our children play the roles of Lord Krishna & Radha broadening a traditional vibe around. 

We also perform a special pooja and play flute ensuring the sound amalgamates with their unbeatable cuteness. 

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Dussehra is a festival of attaining victory over evil. Through this day we upgrade our little ones to traditions, stories and customs connected with it. Our children dress up as Lord Rama who defeated Ravana with their strength and came back to Ayodhya with glee. This festival gives out a message to the young ones that if they be good and honest then nothing can defeat them.  


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 Relations play a vital role in every human’s life. Like all other festivals, Raksha Bandhan is celebrated with pomp and show. The forever promise of love, protection, and support between siblings is celebrated through this festival. We aim to foster the traditional values connected with this festival in our children as they celebrate it with ecstasy. All the girls tie rakhis on the wrists of the boys and get lovely presents in return. This festival transports emotions and creates an exquisite atmosphere in DPS Junior.

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Teachers' Day is a special day for the appreciation of our teachers and also include celebrations to honor them for their complete contributions in different ways. We leave no stone unturned to groom our little kids at DPS Junior with love and care. On this day, our innocent kids express their gratitude towards their teachers for being their best friends and guiding them through the right path. For them, teachers are like second parents as they put their efforts into nurturing them. All the kids dress up as their favorite teachers and enact their lovable attributes.

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The month of October starts with a very special day that is Gandhi Jayanti celebrated in the honor of Mahatma Gandhi. Our little bundle of joys reminisces the important teachings of their dearest Bapu with the utmost dedication and enthusiasm. We hold a special assembly in which we celebrate the work and life of the Father of our Nation, Mahatma Gandhi. Our little ones also learn about the values, motives, and principles that are important for them to lead a life free of violence.

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Red Colour Day

The Red Colour day symbolizes life, vitality, and enthusiasm. At DPS Junior, we encourage our little ones to enjoy the red color theme on this day. Our teachers discussed the red theme making the celebration a delightful learning experience for kids. They dressed up in red color clothes and decorated the class with red color items such as red cherries, red teddy, red strawberries, red apples, etc.

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