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 Childhood Initial Education

More than 80% of a child's brain develops between birth & age 6. These initial years are the most crucial years in a child’s life as it is the period during which the development rate is very high and foundations are laid for cumulative human development & lifelong learning. To develop the child’s brain optimally, a stimulating environment is needed and we provide that stimulating environment for intellectual, social, physical, language, and emotional development of the child. 

DPS Junior- An Absolutely Perfect Place for Your Children to Grow with Love, Laughter & Learning. 

Kindergarten marks the beginning of a child’s formal education and a child’s early years of school experience can significantly influence the way they learn, their self-esteem, well-being, motivation & how they relate to others for the rest of their life. DPS Junior’s model is based on providing holistic education and development with resources for all young learners.

The teaching-learning approach at DPS Junior is based on the objective of guiding the children toward healthier development. We help your child become school-ready by giving them the tools they require before entering school. Our teachers form a strong network with parents, and report positive changes in their children’s academic skill development, language, personality, interaction with peers, and behavioral habits. 



The philosophy of activity based learning finds its antecedents in the common belief that learning can be done best when it is initiated by the surrounding environment & encouraged by providing better opportunities to learn. Activity oriented education develops self-learning skills among kids by allowing them to explore, express, and learn by themselves.

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Leaning Should be Fun & Not Forced” and when it comes to make learning fun-filled, the play-way method comes into practice as it caters to the individual interests, abilities, and needs. This methodology offers a plethora of opportunities for children to express themselves and concentrates on both subjective development as well as emotional development by encouraging expression & creative skills among them.

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