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Curricular Activities

The main objective of early childhood education should be to kick start the kid’s natural curiosity and desire to learn and know more. We ensure to design and plan all curricular Activities at DPS Junior Play School in India utilizing a well-balanced approach in which kids are motivated to identify and learn colors, attributes, and shapes of related things. 

Great Source of Learning

Our curricular activities offer amazing learning opportunities to little kids as we motivate them to find their interests and explore new aspects of life. We also introduce various concepts, numbers, letters, and themes swiftly. The teaching approach comes through our well-made material that acts as a great source of learning. 

Broad Variety Activities 

As we try to make the learning and understanding experiences joyful and exciting for kids, our teaching materials are not boring but enticing. We try to introduce new things every month along with maintaining our broad variety of activities like funny story-telling and id sessions.

Circle Time

Bond of love-Friendship

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Rhymes & Songs

We focus on building a strong foundation from the beginning. Language development is an essential factor for us. In order to achieve this, we teach our juniors through songs and rhymes. It is an ideal way to assist them to remember words and concepts.

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Intellectual Development Session

Even though there is not a particular manual for the mental development of children, there are numerous fun activities and our amazing teachers who encourage them to participate. We ensure to offer our young ones the best intellectual development sessions to learn about several concepts. Their observation skills, sharpen memory, problem-solving, etc will be enhanced by stunning activities like solving puzzles, building towers and so much more. We work to develop hand-eye coordination, analytical and motor skills in a fun-filled manner.

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Diya Decoration

Activities play a vital role in developing interest and receive active participation from children!

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