Right from the arrival in the morning to the dispersal time, we cater to every need, whether small or big, of our little bundles of joy in the best way possible. A Day at DPS Junior is a great everyday learning experience for children. Our teachers are friendly and help children in every step of learning and exploring new doors of life.

We at DPS JUNIOR deem that learning is an eternal journey and our focus is on building children into enduring learners in the expedition called LIFE. Our curriculum is remarkably designed with an exceptional integration of varied approaches such as jolly phonics, MMI lab- Maria Montessori Lab, Jodo Gyan and Reggio Emilia approach which fosters hands-on discovery learning among the young toddlers to stimulate creativity, inculcate scientific aptitude, augment mathematical and language skills and develop emotional intelligence. The school expects the students to entrench the basics and explore the world. They learn to question, analyze, classify and communicate their perceptions. 

The entire course strengthens vital skills like motor and reading skills, language and communication skills, writing and number concepts. Bridging the gap between the nurturing environment of home and the disciplined demands of formal education is the primary goal of the school.

Music, Dance, AV presentations, experiments, hands-on activities, Fine Arts and Technology actively unite to enrich the curricula. The physical education program fosters a child’s passion to play and participate in Step up Sports and Annual adventure camps wherein scores of activities develop basic skills for stronger, fitter and more energetic children. The school conscientiously follows the Philosophy of Panoramic Development so that the students may prove their mettle in different tangents of life.


Foundation for Life Long Learning

Preschool education is not just about fun, dance, music, art, fun, & fantasy but it is beyond these.We do understand the various needs of children in a better way and ensure the holistic development of children with our quality preschool program that revolves around the sound foundation of life.

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Childhood Initial Education

More than 80% of a child's brain develops between birth & age 6. These initial years are the most crucial years in child’s life as it is the period during which the development rate is very high and foundations are laid for cumulative human development & lifelong learning. To develop the child’s brain optimally, a stimulating environment is needed and we provide that stimulating environment for intellectual, social, physical, language, and emotional development of the child.

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Stages of Learning

Going to preschool for the first time is a big transition for a young child and preparing your toddler for preschool make him or her worried about separating from you.

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Theme Based Learning

As we are working to create a strong foundation among the children, factors like learning, reading, and understanding are highly pivotal in today’s era. Our professional teachers focus on growing a seed of awe, curiosity, and wonder about books and other learning aspects while teaching students.

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Books & TLM

Undoubtedly, learning is a continuous journey that has no destination as we keep on learning at every stage of life. This is why we aim to make learning an enticing and joyous experience for young leaders. With this approach, we have established a broad variety of books which help students to stay engrossed in learning process.

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A Day at DPS Junior

We aim to make childhood a great experience for kids of our school since childhood is the base of everything in our lives. During childhood, kids get something new to learn and explore every day, which is why we engage students in indoor and outdoor activities that cover different types of areas of development.

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