We thrive hard to shape the future of these young ones as they are the leaders of our future generation. Our objectives are created with the aim to provide a friendly, comfortable and secure environment for the children. Connect with us and avail the best facilities for your child at DPS Junior and uplift your child’s future.

Kid-friendly Architecture

We believe that the architecture design of the school has a vital impact on the students’ foundation, learning, ethics, and attitude. Our school’s framework offers a calm, engaging and responsive environment to every child at every stage of his or her growth. Their safety and needs are our prime priority.

Building Confidence & Learning Ability 

At a young age, children pick up everything they see and learn from everything they do, which is why we focus on using equipment as per proven suitability for the age of the kids in each department. We aim to promote core human ethics and bestow students an opportunity to communicate with each other. 


Capable Teachers

We have qualified, enthusiastic, connoisseur teachers who employ their innovative teaching style and instructional techniques for enchanting our kids to the dazzling trail.

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Child Friendly Infrastructure

Our classrooms are spacious where various hands-on-learning activities are set up for encouraging children to learn through an interactive play. The child-friendly infrastructure is safe, educational, and engaging fosters your kids to learn while having fun.

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Creative Learning

Seeking a perfect place for your child during the most crucial years of their development?

DPS Junior is the perfect place where your child will develop pre-academic skills and self-expression through the most innovative play-way method. They will have the freedom to explore and experiment; which will result in their holistic development!

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Safety and Security

 DPS Junior keeps the safety of our children at supreme. We match all the parameters required to ensure a safe and healthy environment. Children feel at home under the strict vigilance of facilitators.

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Computer Lab

With the growing technology, children need to be exposed to such devices and learn the basics of operating computers. We provide a set of attractive computer labs for young kids who learn various basic operations on the computer such as drag and drop, clicking, etc. Keeping the kids in mind, we have ensured a highly safe environment along with the provision of LCD monitors that cause the least harm to their innocent eyes. The lab is equipped with the latest technology and offers a great opportunity for young minds to learn new things.

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Project Room

The kids of the new generation get bored easily with the conventional ways of learning therefore we have provided them with the latest technology projection room that is equipped with useful tools. Various new concepts, poems, and other educational topics are covered by giving them a visual experience. The projectors give them an amazing experience of a mini theatre wherein they could watch various educational and fun-loving movies and cartoons.

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Ball Pool

 On the inception of the summer season when the temperature rises, the children dash indoors towards the colorful and exciting pool that is covered with large mirrors on either side and is fully filled with balls of attractive colors. This is a pleasurable method wherein the kids get to improve their gross motor skills as they play around throwing balls at each other.

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Doll House

Dollhouse is an imaginative concept for the kids. This dollhouse is filled with beautiful dolls where the kids get to learn various aspects and roles that they would play in the future. These dolls help them role-play real-life roles such as that of a mother when they come up with some creative ideas. This fun-loving exercise helps them play freely and at the same time develop their emotional skills.

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Splash Pool

The tiptoe of the summer season is announced by the splash of water from every corner. The toddlers enjoy playing and having a fun time in the pool. They also enjoy various other arrangements that we provide such as rain dance parties, fountains, water slides and many more. Kids love to play in the water and are no longer afraid of jumping into the pool and splashing off the water. The pools are designed keeping in mind the safety of the kids and they will definitely have the best time of their lives.

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Day Boarding

At the growing and learning stages of their lives, young kids need to be exposed to various activities that make them understand various concepts and introduce them to new things. It is their time to learn and explore and therefore we provide day boarding facilities that not only indulge in fun-filled activities but also give them sufficient space to have food and proper rest. We make sure that the kids have an amazing experience while they are here for the whole day and return happily to their parents at the end of the day.

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Growing children need the perfect amount of nutrition for their growth and development. Along with various activities for their physical development, we do not neglect the fact that kids require a healthy diet plan. We make sure that kids enjoy their food and at the same time ensure that the food is healthy and safe for the consumption of kids. The menu incorporates a perfect diet chart so that they get all the essential nutrients that are required for their growth.

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Evening Classes

The evening classes held for the children to master them in various co-curricular activities and in other relevant skills through which the kids get benefitted. We know that this is one of the most crucial phases in children as learning captured now is retained forever. Our academic training also involves improving their confidence levels and other social skills. These classes offer various categories of training in order to bring out the talents that the child acquires.

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