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How to Make General Knowledge Exciting in Pre School

  • By: DPS Junior
  • 14-Nov-2019
How to Make General Knowledge Exciting in Pre School

Want your child to be aware of the general knowledge right from the beginning of their early childhood education? If yes then you can opt for DPS Junior for the early education and better development of your child. At a young age, kids begin to learn about themselves, and their surroundings and general knowledge can also be started early as it’s not a tough subject. In the initial years of childhood, the brain develops at a fast rate and teachers should introduce the various interests of subjects for brain development. Here are few points how teachers can help in making the subject more interesting for the preschoolers.

1- Teach with Nature

Ask your children to notice a few things like looking out of the window & highlighting  things they notice. If they spot a tree then you can start a topic on life that can’t be possible without them. If they notice a building then you go back to history and then start the topic on how humans used to live in caves, huts & now buildings. Do the same for the sky as well and make it interesting by exploring the fascinating moon, and space. 

2- Refer to Favourite Toys

Children love playing with toys so you can use it as a good opportunity to make it easy to learn in an interesting and play way manner. For instance, if children are playing with balls of different sizes & shapes then you can educate them by explaining that balls are used in sports like hockey, football, and cricket. Teach them with interactive lessons, play with them to make them aware about the differences.

3- Use Alphabets for G.K

Make use of alphabets like ‘A’ can be for Aeroplane, America, Air and not only for Apple. Introduce children with the new things that they can easily associate with. This is a creative concept which lets your child grow up more efficiently by knowing more words.

If you want to make learning an exciting process for your child then you can contact us. We at DPS Junior make things easy for children and help them grow to their fullest with our creativity and unique teaching approach.

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