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Outdoor activities are all about fun, excitement and having a joyful time. This also allows kids to have an opportunity to communicate and exchange words with each other. We motivate our lovely kids to maintain great physical health and learn to accept challenges in life. 

Boost Confidence & Enthusiasm 

With our stunning outdoor Activities at DPS Junior, our little ones learn to explore ways to test their creativity and get innovative ideas to complete different tasks. Their brain function is uplifted along with their physical health. We try to work on their enthusiasm and boost their confidence for the better. 

Promote Teamwork 

It is evident that the team is teamwork and this approach should be taught to kids from a very young stage. This is exactly what we do at DPS Junior. We motivate them to perform in teams so that they learn to appreciate each other and make more friends.

Nature walk

Attaining serenity!

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