We are India’s leading preschool brand with the prime focus of transforming the nature of learning in an early childhood environment.

Early learning Area:- A unique multi sensory learning area for early learner. 

Focused learning Area:-Exposure to core learning in a formal classroom setup.

Reading Areas:- Age appropriate reading program to inculcate reading skills.

Art and craft Areas:- For creative and aesthetic expression for preschoolers. 

Motor skill Area:- To enhance practical and sensorial experience with the help of Montessori material.

Stage area:- For public speaking music and movement session.

Building Confidence & Learning Ability 

At a young age, they pick up everything they see and learn from everything they do, which is why we focus on using equipment as per proven suitability according to the age of the kids in each department. We aim to promote core human values and ethics effectively.

Capable Teachers

We have qualified, enthusiastic, connoisseur teachers who employ their innovative teaching style and instructional techniques for enchanting our kids to the dazzling trail.

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Child Friendly Infrastructure

We believe that the architecture of a school has a vital impact on the foundation, learning, ethics, and attitude of the students. Our school’s academic framework offers a calm, engaging and responsive environment to every child at every stage of his or her growth. Their safety and needs are our prime priorities.

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Creative Learning

Seeking a perfect place for your child during the most crucial years of their development?

DPS Junior is the perfect place where your child will develop pre-academic skills and self-expression through the most innovative play-way method. They will have the freedom to explore and experiment; which will result in their holistic development!

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Safety and Security

 DPS Junior keeps the safety of our children at supreme. We match all the parameters required to ensure a safe and healthy environment. Children feel at home under the strict vigilance of facilitators.

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Computer Lab

With the growing technology, children need to be exposed to such devices and learn the basics of operating computers. We provide a set of attractive computer labs for young kids who learn various basic operations on the computer such as drag and drop, clicking, etc. Keeping the kids in mind, we have ensured a highly safe environment along with the provision of LCD monitors that cause the least harm to their innocent eyes. The lab is equipped with the latest technology and offers a great opportunity for young minds to learn new things.

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Project Room

The kids of the new generation quickly get bored with the conventional ways of learning. To keep the curiosity alive, we provide them with the projector-room equipped with useful tools and the latest technology. We cover various new concepts, poems and other educational topics through visual experience which they will love along with the audio. The projectors give them the experience of a mini theatre wherein they could watch various educational and fun-loving movies and cartoons.

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Ball Pool

During the summer, when the temperatures soar outside, the children rush indoors towards the colourful and exciting ball pool that is covered with large mirrors on either side and filled with balls of different attractive colours. This activity is an efficient fun method where the kids get to improve their gross motor skills as they play around throwing balls at each other and have a fun time with their little friends. It also introduces them to various colours and patterns that they are unaware of. 

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Splash Pool

While the summer season arrives, all you can hear is the splash of water from every corner. The toddlers enjoy playing and having a fun time in the pool and also enjoy various other arrangements that we provide such as rain dance parties, fountains, water slides and many more. Kids love to play in the water and are no longer afraid of jumping into the pool and splashing off the water. The splash pools are specially-designed while keeping the safety of kids in mind, and they will have the best time of their lives. 

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Play Zone

The most loved area of every preschool has to be the play zone where children love to run around and enjoy their freedom of exploring things beyond the four walls of the school. Not only does it motivate them to perform physical activities, but it also lets them learn new things while they play around and try new things at their own pace. Our play area is quite colourful, and we have designed it according to what attracts the kids the most. A lot of emphasis has also been laid on the safety and security of the kids while they play.

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