Security Facilities that Make Preschools Safe
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Security Facilities that Make Preschools Safe

  • By: DPS Junior
  • 14-Nov-2019
Security Facilities that Make Preschools Safe

Are you looking for a preschool that promises good child care & optimum attention? If yes then DPS Junior is the right choice for you. We are the highly reputed preschool in India that offers the proper safety and security facilities for the wellbeing of children. Let’s have a look at the important security facilities that preschoolers should have for ensuring the safety of the little ones. 

1- ID Proof for Parents

There are multiple members in the family who take your children back home after school. It is vital to keep ID Cards mandatory for the guardian so that school authorities can become aware and keep an eye on who is taking children back . Some schools allow a maximum of two or three members of each family to have ID cards with a unique code in order to hand over the child to the safe hands.

2- Safe Toys

In order to ensure the security of preschoolers, it is also important to check whether the toys small children play with are age-appropriate or not. Ensure that toys available at preschools don't have a hard surface or sharp edges. Remove those toys or articles which have sharp edges, create loops, dust and could cause any harm to the little ones.

3- GPRS Tracked Transport 

Preschools should have GPRS (General Packet Radio Service) to track and monitor routes, speed of buses and destination of your child when in the school bus. Due to the availability of GPRS tracked transport the schools can be able to provide safety in a better way and very useful for the parents .

Security of the children is a very serious issue and we at DPS Junior consider it our first priority and take it very seriously. We are equipped with all the security facilities that are necessary to make your child safe.

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