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Just like academics, sports also holds a significant position in the proper growth and development of young ones. We want to maintain the high energy and enthusiasm among the students throughout the day therefore we offer them various types of Sports Activities at DPS Junior. 

Build Flexibility & Team spirit 

Sports are not just a source of exercise but are also essential in the overall physical growth of kids. With a prime objective to build flexibility, confidence and team spirit amongst our little kids, various sports activities such as taekwondo, drills, yoga, etc. are organized at DPS Junior. 

Maintain Mental & Physical Health

It is a clear fact that sports help in maintaining good physical health and lead a fit lifestyle, but it also promotes mental health that is equally important. We focus on teaching kids the advantages of goal-setting and practice to ace any sport.

Splash Pool

Splash the heat!

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Ball Pool

Pool of fun-The Ball Pool

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Free Play

A Play way Technique!

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Taekwondo an art!

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Channelizing energies !

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