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Stage Activities

As preschool days are the most vital phase for a kid’s overall development, we focus on building his or her self-esteem, confidence and creative expression. Even though they might not know the meaning of these words for now but surely they’ll deal with these aspects once they grow old. 

Boost to Empower Skills

We offer opportunities to kids to perform and act with different stage Activities at DPS Junior. This way, we are able to assist our students to excel in life skills and across different branches. With the help of such stage activities, little ones are able to mesmerize everyone with their confidence and charisma. 

Different Stage Activities

From class presentation to the fashion show and fancy dress competition, we offer a broad range of stage activities for our little ones to participate and have a great cultural experience. This not only builds their confidence but also help them to communicate well and convey their message without being scared.

Fancy Dress

Time to fancy around!

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Class Presentation

Building confidence with grace!

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